Monday, September 14, 2009

**The Rush**

I came across this in my email this morning and thought was great and wanted to share!

The Rush

Life has its own certain rhythm and pace. When you attempt to outrun it, you miss it. Making life faster does nothing to make it better. Today is plenty and right now is always enough.
Tomorrow will come in good time, and there's nothing to be gained by rushing to get to it ahead of time. Instead, live fully the depth and richness of this day, of this moment.
Take each opportunity as it comes to enjoy and fulfill the beauty of what is. There is something wondrous and valuable in every direction you look.
It makes no sense to put all your energy into jumping ahead of yourself. For life's treasures are all here in this moment right now.
Choose to live your life at the pace that it comes to you. And its many treasures will surely be yours.

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