Monday, May 2, 2011

Everyone is a CEO

I saw this today on Robin Sharma's Blog and thought it was GREAT!!!

"Everyone is a CEO

CEO is not some special title reserved for a chosen few. CEO is an attitude. CEO is a belief system. CEO is a philosophy for life. It’s a way of living that leads to remarkable results on all levels. Everyone can walk the way of CEO. Here are 5 steps to help you:

1. Stay at the Edge

Serious achievers look for and love change. They’ve learned to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. To play full out in your field, to lead in life, you must hug the edge. Uncertainty is big opportunity for those that lean into the ride. Look to the front-runners, they understand that the edge is the safest place to be during times of uncertainty.

2. Perfect Positive Perspective

Your life is too big to play with the smallness of a negative perspective.

3. Take Ultimate Responsibility for Results

No blame. No excuses. Not today. Not ever. When challenged, successful people ask “What am I going to do about it?” And do it.

4. “I Am…” Statements

You become the story you sell yourself. Anthony Hopkins, otherwise known as,Sir Hopkins, Renaissance Man and Living Legend cautions “Be careful what you feed your brain. What happens if you pour negative information in there, or positive information? You change the balance of your nature.”

CEO’s that win shred the negative internal audio with powerful “I Am” statements.

5. Open up the View

Innovative CEO’s invent fresh ideas. They think and talk beyond trends and headlines. They contribute fresh, cutting edge, not-rolling-off -everybody’s- tongue type knowledge. Ask yourself, who would influence you more? The CEO who originates ideas or borrows them? Invent, share and invite fresh ideas.

6. Constant State of Motion

If you let things slow down, they deteriorate. Maintain a constant state of motion. Vow at sunrise to make change happen before sunset. Tension (passionate goal setting) is a fantastic way to stay out of stagnation.

Keep Leading Without A Title." ~ Robin Sharma

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