Monday, November 29, 2010

Home Toxins...Healthy Living

I have been a customer of a company for over ten years that focuses on healthy products. I was pregnant when I become a customer and I will admit I was naive to the fact of the chemicals in my everyday products. I really didn't know what was in them and what I was bringing into my house. Once I started looking at what those chemicals were and how they effected our health, I decided to make a change! There are so many choices as to what you can get that will make a healthier home, but have you ever considered that some of these manufacturing companies still produce bleach and other harmful chemicals? Why would anyone want to buy a so-called "green" product from a company that is clearly not as green as they say they are! Not only are we supporting companies who still manufacture dangerous chemicals, but our children are exposed to potential health hazards such as asthma, cancer, and other illnesses! Educate yourself and your family~ get these toxins out of your home!

Here are some of the top harmful chemicals in your home! Start by eliminating these toxins and you can have a healthy home~

1) Toilet bowl cleaners are one of the most dangerous chemicals, containing chlorine and hydrochloric acid. These chemicals are harmful to health just by breathing them in.

2) Carpet cleaner solution is found to be extremely toxic to children. Anti-dust-mite carpet treatments sometimes contain tannic acid or benzyl benzoate, both of which are skin, eye and respiratory irritants. Deodorizing powders often contain fragrances that irritate asthmatic lungs as well. These toxins can also cause cancer and liver damage

3) Glass cleaners contain ammonia have been known to effect the respiratory system and irritate skin and eyes.

4) Laundry detergents, pesticides and household cleaners have been linked to breast cancer.

5) Bleach is linked to reproductive problems in men and behavioral problems in children.

6) Formaldehyde, phenol, benzene and toluene are found in common household cleaners, cosmetics, beverages, fabrics and cigarette smoke. The are cancer causing and damaging to the immune system.

7) Household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than the outdoor air you breathe!

Protect yourself and your family, live healthier and have peace of mind by getting these toxins out of your home! I have ways to not only help you save money but also get products that are safer for your family!

Rachel Sutton

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